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05 July 2015

What is deemed consent?


What is deemed consent?


Classes of advertisement benefiting from deemed consent
The rules enable certain 'specified classes' of advertisement to be displayed without application being made to the planning authority. There are 14 such classes of outdoor advertisement, each with its own particular conditions. So the practical effect is that the number of advertisements in that class, their size and duration of display, are limited for each deemed consent. There are also stricter rules for the display of deemed consent advertisements in any Area of Special Control of Advertisements. Provided that the particular advertisement you propose to display conforms entirely to all the relevant provisions of its own class, you do not need the planning authority's consent to display it. If you are in any doubt whether your advertisement benefits from deemed consent, you would be well advised to consult the planning authority before you display it.

Class 1 : 'functional advertisements' by public bodies
Advertisements in Class 1 are those which are needed by public bodies (such as local authorities, the public utilities and public transport operators) to give information or directions about the services they provide. These would include:

  • a notice-board at a municipal swimming pool
  • a bus or rail timetable
  • a warning notice at an electricity sub-station
  • the display of bye-laws for a recreation ground or common land.

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