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03 July 2015

Flooding and Drainage

Register for:

Environment Agency - Flood Warning Signup in your areaOnline flood warnings - Register a home or business
You can register online with our Floodline Warnings Direct service if your home or business is at risk of flooding.
If you want to register you will have to supply a telephone number that we can contact you on any time of the day or night.

Watercourse - Rights and Responsibilities

A watercourse is any natural or artificial channel above or below ground through which water flows, such as a river, brook, beck, ditch, mill stream or culvert (excluding public sewers).

If you own land above or with a watercourse running through it you are a 'riparian owner' and have responsibilities. You may also have 'riparian owner' responsibilities if your land boundary is next to a watercourse.


Weather, Flooding and Land Drainage Guidance

Current Flooding Situation

Am I at risk of Flooding?

What is the likelihood of flooding in your area? Use the Environment Agency's Flood Map to find out.

Prepare for a flood and get help during and after

Remember, you can call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 any time night or day for real-time flood warnings and advice.

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