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24 November 2014

Home Energy Efficiency

House showing where energy is lostEnergy Efficiency and Affordable Warmth in Surrey Heath

Saving Energy at Home
Here you can find information about why it's important to save energy, how to do it and how saving energy can save you money. You can also find which schemes and grants are right for you and get in touch with businesses and suppliers of energy products and services.

Why save energy?
In the UK, one quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions come from the energy we use to heat and light our homes, and power our household appliances.

Using less energy in your home means that you pay less for your heating bills and it means that your house feels warmer for longer. In some houses, improvements in energy efficiency can cut fuel bills by as much as 40%.

How your home loses energy
Heat escapes through all sorts of places in your home. Reducing how much heat escapes can make a significant difference to how much it costs to heat your home.

You can reduce the energy wasted by your home by improving the insulation, by improving the efficiency of your heating system and by using more efficient lights and appliances. Not only will you reduce your fuel bills for years to come, you will also be doing your bit for the environment by conserving energy resources and reducing the threat of climate change.

Keep warm
You can insulate walls, the loft, the roof and even floors to prevent the heat escaping. Double glazing keeps the warmth in and cold draughts out, as well as reducing noise levels. Close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping through the windows.

Control your heating
Modern heating controls mean that you choose exactly what temperature you want and can be adjusted easily. The best systems involve creating zones. You can ensure your water is heated to a safe temperature and that it is kept hot for longer. Replacing your boiler with a modern one can dramatically cut costs.

Use less electricity
Energy efficient light bulbs need replacing a lot less often and use less electricity. Next time a bulb blows in your house, think about replacing it with an energy efficient one. When replacing appliances, choose carefully. For example, choosing the most efficient washing machine could save you money in the long run.

A shower uses less than half the hot water of a bath.

Hot water tank
An insulating jacket for your hot water cylinder costs just a few pounds and will pay for itself in months.

Hot water pipes
These can be insulated to stop heat escaping. The best pipes to insulate are the ones between the boiler and hot water cylinder.

Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation can both help ensure that your home loses as little heat as possible, which saves you money.

The energy saving trust has information on loft insulation Opens in a new window and cavity wall insulation. Opens in a new window

Currently there are subsidies available that will help cover the cost of cavity wall and loft insulation. In most cases the subsidies mean you should expect to pay no more than 150 to 250 for each measure.
If you are over 70 years old or are in receipt of certain benefits you should be able to get the measures done free of charge. Contact your energy provider for more information or ring the Energy Saving Trust advice centre on 0800 512 012.

Changing your energy tariffs or energy supplier
If you require information about different electricity and gas tariffs and energy companies you can call Energy Watch on 0845 906 0708.

There are a number of schemes available to help you install energy efficiency measures in your home and also for those who own property to rent. There is some form of support available for all categories of household, regardless of income. Advice on insulation of lofts, wall cavity insulation, hot water tanks, draught proofing, energy efficiency boilers, central heating and home energy generation .

Products, services and organisations advertised do not carry Surrey Heath Borough Council's recommendation and the Council can accept no liability.

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