Business directory

Please note you will need to register for an account before you can add your business details. Make sure that you select "Register as a Business" when completing your registration. Once your account is activated by us, a link will then be sent to your email account so that you can fill in your business details and complete your payment.

There is an annual subscription charge of £35.00 (including VAT). Businesses based in Surrey Heath receive 50% discount on the annual subscription and pay only £17.50 for the year! This charge is only incurred to businesses not to leisure or community organisations.

Please note: the inclusion of any company name in this directory should not be seen as an endorsement of that company's products and/or services, nor it is a select list of companies that the Council uses.

Organisation name Organisation type Organisation category
Heald Nickinson Solicitors Business Professional Services
Heatherbank B&B Business
Hidden Hearing Business Health and Beauty
Higherground Flooring Business Professional Services
Highway Authority Public Sector Community
HM Supplies Business Retail
Home-Start Surrey Heath Charity Community
House of Fisher Business Community
House of Fraser Business Retail
Housing Assist UK Ltd Business Professional Services
Hype Clothing Business Retail
Illuminations of Camberley Ltd Business Retail
Intertec Data Solutions Business Web Design
IPMS Farnborough Model Club Community Organisation Crafts
IVAorg Limited Business Financial
Ivory Research Business Service
JD Wetherspoon Business Public House
Jenny's Business Restaurant
Jobmanji Business Human Resources
John A Ray & Associates Ltd Business Service